Artist bio

My name is Cheryl and I love painting on canvas. I paint original pieces as well as from pieces seen on the Internet. Painting is an expression that the world could understand and learn from.


A River runs through It



Artist Statement

From Isaiah 43:2..when we pass through the waters,the Lord is with us,and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm us. This piece shows that the Lord is with us in the good times and bad,and HIS river(Refreshing Spring of the Spirit) runs through all that we experience.

How it fits into contest

As the Lord's Refreshing Spring of the Spirit is with us,when the rocks and battles come our way,HE is always with us. Girding us with HIS strength which allows us to pass through all obstacles, and placing us in his Safehouse,which is our Vantage point.


My friend who speaks and then visual images come,from which I then paint.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Its a copy of work done on visual art.

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