Fran Duncan

Artist bio

Francine Duncan is a graphic artist residing in Pennsylvania. Her studio, FarVision, is currently producing its first product which is a mobile game app, slated to be released later this year. Fran has always sketched, and recently began seeing images of a religious nature, resulting in her submission to this contest.





Artist Statement

This is a 2nd sketch of an image which appeared to me. I attribute the vision to a friend who had advised me about a year ago that there would be a great battle on Earth between good and evil. As recent global events have unfolded, I realized the battle is underway.

How it fits into contest

I feel the prophet shown is trying to stand his ground against the evil one and not give in to despair over the seemingly never-ending cycle of good vs. evil on Earth. The rocks the evil one has in his hands are symbolic of its trying to take over the Earth, and the small leaves by the right foot of the prophet are symbolic of the greenery and goodness on Earth. The angel in the background is reminding the prophet not to forget that the Lord is always present and faith will always prevail against all evil.


Francine Duncan - created drawing.

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Original work; has not been priced yet and if anyone is interested, please contact

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Direct commissions for graphic design and sketches.

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