Jaime Otero

Artist bio

I'm a 28 years old man who tries to make art and have a passion for it. Even tho I'm not that good at it I always try my best.


Women Are God's Warriors To



Artist Statement

This piece was done using acrylic paints in colours like reds, yellows, browns and gray. Women are God Warrior's Too is a piece that shows a woman kneeling before a cross in an armor. The cross have a blue scarf that represent the 10 commandments of God. Sometimes people underestimate women taking leadership roles in God's army but we all know that they are capable of doing as well or better than the men. Ruth, Esther, Rahab are few examples of women that worshiped God with full heart and leaded with grace.

How it fits into contest

This piece have a woman in an armor that represent the Armor of Christ, the crown on her head represents that victory crown that those who followed God's oath will win in the final judgement day. The cross have a blue scarf that represent the 10 commandments and she is kneeling before the cross representing the humility and worship you need to have to be victorious in this hard battle we are all fighting day by day.


Jaime Otero Calderón is the artist.

How to Purchase this Artwork

It's an original art piece and it's my first painting with a religious approach. It's a piece done with acrylic paint with a combination of reds, yellows, grays, browns and greens.
Is 2' 1.9" height x 1' 9.5" wide and weight less then 2 pounds, done in a piece of painting fabric.

Selling price is $150.00 USD. If you considered is not worth the price I can make adjustments because I'm new at this.
Can email me at for more information. Can follow me on Instagram by @panda_arte_687 and @Pandarte687 on Facebook.

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