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Sabrina is from Canada. Her works often appear in such diverse publications as Open Minds Quarterly ,Unlimited Literary Magazine, Beyond Words Literacy Magazine, Cloud Lake Literary, Into the Void, Umbrella Arts and Transitions Magazine. Her artworks emerge at the juncture of art and music resulting in abstract works that express emotion through colour, markings, and bold textures. Sabrina uses music to influence her artwork and cope with mental health challenges. Mental health challenges are the thorn in her side, but where there is weakness, God gives strength.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Illumination was inspired by one of my episodes of depression. This piece of art requires light to shine through it to see the whole picture. This piece is a double sided work, painted on glass. Colour choices are yellow red and blue. Yellow representing anointing and faith, red represents the blood of Christ and blue for the Holy Spirt.

On one side is a self portrait, on the other side the verses are written in Hebrew accompanied by a solider wearing ancient Jewish armour. The solider is an image take from a depiction of ancient Jewish history and was included between the scripture. When you shine a light through the artwork you can see both the solider, scripture and portrait together. Reflecting the battle of the mind, spiritual battle and God is our light and our salvation. I suffer from severe bouts of depression, this started as a self portrait but realizing that the battle is unseen I put another picture on the back of the glass. When light is shone through you can see the waring soldier and the scripture.

How it fits into contest

Illumination fits into the contest topic found in Ephesians 6:10-20 because it needs light to show the whole picture. This work reflects on the battle of the mind, spiritual battle and God is our light and our salvation. The self portrait is the battle for my mind- without light shining through it seems defeated and desolate. The soldier represents the armour of God from the bible verse and the Hebrew Scripture is the instructions we are left with to battle against dark forces. We need the light to see past our feelings, shine through the darkness and battle the unseen. Once light is shone through you can see the soldier defending the mind.


Sabrina Jovic

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