Artist bio

My name is Izabela Rostkowska, I was born in Poland, then moved to Mexico I am a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City. I work mainly with acrylic and texture on canvas and on paper and nowadays I experiment with digital art. My main main theme are women with their expressions, feelings and their interiors. And not only woman´s interior, but all interiors surrounding us, spaces where we live and love, create and dream.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

About the technique I use, it is from ordinary picture, bring forth the real spirit from within, using multiple digital techniques, from large variety of filters, distortions, effects to achieve final result.

How it fits into contest

The relation I find in my work with the contest topic is that all our battles are taking place in our own consciousness, our thoughts against our own feelings and emotions, these are the only enemies we have to conquer. And more so, in actuality there is no real enemy to fight, if we TRUST in GOD and rest in absolute FAITH, the battle is won already.


Izabela Rostkowska

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original digital art, limited edition of 7, signed and numbered.
Printed on cotton art paper 320 g, size 19x19”
Price U$ 400,-
Can be purchased via

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