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Since very short age, exposed with intensity to every form of art and diverses disciplines, Eduardo Moreno rediscovers, after ten years as an expert on environment and social projects, abstraction as a new way to express artistically in all confirmed levels.




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Figurative plastic and pictorial art; of which I do not try or get to be except, is today easily drained in some form of vehicle to several stratums of communication. So be my proposal explain itself both towards the emotive and spiritual in the aesthetic and the technique, the transmisible, the transmitted and the definitively sealed on the other, sometimes even to the identification artist - artist or artist - spectator and, of course, artist - co owner.

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The fate of the world
In his treatise called Summa Dæmoniaca, exorcist priest Jose Antonio Fortea explores the origin, powers, and hierarchies - rather taxonomy - of fallen angels and their participation in spiritual and earthly human life.
This approach away from Hollywood sensationalism allows an understanding with solid theological foundations that is not accessible with the free reading and interpretation of the Bible. Beyond understanding and conceptualizing technical questions about possessions or the military order of evil beings, some personal conclusions remain at the end:
There is evil.
God allows it to exist.
The human being has free will.
God has endowed us with sufficient intelligence to combat evil.
Evil is more than temptation; there are surrounding forces and there are people, groups and even peoples more susceptible than others to its influence. Major catastrophic events not related to human action (a tremor, for example) cannot be attributed to this influence. Instead, genocides, wars and hate crimes, yes (not all, of course). The fact is, just one idea from one person is enough:
Take care of your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Take care of your actions, they become habits. Take care of your habits, they become character. Take care of your character, he becomes your destiny.
- Lao Tse


Eduardo Moreno

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