Kevin Tran

Artist bio

Art fascinated me when I was a little kid to the point that I attended art school, and love the environment that the place makes me feel along with the people that are there with them having the same mindsets. This experience enables me to keep creating art and find joy within myself. Today, I see myself as a self-taught artist, and art became one of the passions that are growing in me and I see it as a great way to convey messages in various creative formats.


Love Is In Me


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

After reading Ephesians verses, I reflect on my own experience of the battle in my life and later reproduce a photo-based on my experience with how it also related to the verses. The mask is the main focus of my photo accompanied by a series of candles. In which the mask was created by me using many pieces of cut out papers which was then glue tightly together to make the mask. After the shaping of the mask was done, I painted it using black and white colors as shown in the photograph. Then I added in the backdrops with the mask inside the environment to enhance the feeling of the photo that would better describe the Spiritual Battle in my point of view being trap in an enclosed space.

How it fits into contest

Thinking about the Spiritual Battle came the creation of my work "Love Is In Me" which emphasizes the practice of love and peace in an individual where the mask could represent anyone and how they perceive the outside world. The possibilities are limitless that evil could be anything and anywhere surrounding an individual unknowingly. Each individual is running a race with different challenges on a daily basis, but the important part is that they also have to face themselves every second. Thus, instead of putting the focuses outward on the outside factors that are causing problems, I wanted to first bring the attention and put the focuses of love in ourselves in representing the armor that we should equip with is by having peace within ourselves alongside God. Love allows us to be more tolerant with ourselves, and better understand our surroundings regardless of how hard the challenges are pushing on us. The battle against evil is fought best by knowing the love and support that we are receiving from above, and help us to be more in tune with God's wishes that no evil could take away. Because at that point a person is capable of knowing what loving themselves is really mean, and this reason would keep them on the right path toward God even during the harsh times and still be loving of others. Where they can follow the light and that drives them through thick and thin situations, and also being able to light up another person is to me is the armor in the Spiritual Battle, and that is how the approach of "Love Is In Me" came into the picture.


Kevin Tran - created the mask and assemble different pieces together such as the candles and the background in order to generate the picture.

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