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Having and have not recovered from many of life's challenges I use art as my shield, my mouthpiece, my sanctuary. I have taught art for 30 years and now am delving deeper. My audience is varied. Members of my congregation and members of my collective and community relate to my paintings, mix media pieces, sculptures in extraordinary ways. Their feedback enriches my life. I attempt to communicate reality through metaphor and feeling through all the elements emphasizing the unexpected and incongruous. Most of the time my art pieces do not match the couch, so to speak, but they attempt to take the viewer on a journey with me.


Below the Surface


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This is a layered, acrylic mix media art work on paper. Collage and blockout were used to create the effects. Experimentation was used, however, the process and end product are the results of many revisions.

How it fits into contest

"Below the Surface" takes much liberties with this passage in its interpretation. We know today our "spiritual" battles run deep within us and the scriptures provide us with a metaphoric remedy. The mix media art work juxtaposes varied shapes and textures and presents this battle within us that churns like a virus and evolves into rigidity. The unseen troubled spirit, presented in this painting can be directed to the power of the word of God to settle this below the surface.



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