chelsea reede

Artist bio

I am a self taught figurative artist who lives in Prescott Arizona. Over the last five years I've felt the urge to express myself with paints and charcoals. It has been an amazing journey of discovery and feels like I have been bestowed with the most beautiful gift.


Dressed in the Armor of God


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This mixed media piece is painted on 140lb watercolor paper, my materials were acrylic inks, paints, charcoal, and gelatos.
I scratched into the wet paints for the facial scars, to signify dents to the helmet, and for designs on the shield

How it fits into contest

Many of us are battle weary and scarred but still we're at the ready to serve in whatever capacity asked of us.
We pray and listen for how we may serve.
We are not asked to be beautiful or unflawed. No, we are only asked to be ready to stand firm, take up our shield of faith, and while wearing the helmet of Salvation, deliver the Word of God through the sword of Spirit.


Chelsea Reede (myself)

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original mixed media painting 18" x 24" on 140lb watercolor paper

If interested please contact me at creede @ sbcglobal .net
the email address is intentionally separated, remove the spaces and it will get right to me.

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