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Kathryn is a mostly amateur mixed media artist based in Cleveland. Though a lifelong maker of art, she is relatively new to the public art world. She began keeping an illustrated gratitude journal 5 years ago which led to larger projects and periodic showing/sale of work. In the spirit of long ago artists who illuminated sacred texts, her work meditates on Divine Love, the scriptures and the sacred ordinariness of life.


Overcome Evil


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Drawing of a hand holding a paintbrush, painting light shade into a blackness

How it fits into contest

Art is a big way for me to draw near to God. Really, I feel it is a form of prayer for me. And since I also have an enemy of my soul, it is part of my spiritual armor. I am so very thankful that God gave me this gift which has helped me walk through some very trying times. And though I have wobbled, I am still standing!!(Ephesians 6:13)


Solo effort of kathryn akucewich

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Original work, acrylic, ink, gel texture on paper, framed. $200.00 contact artist via website

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