Artist bio

My name is Robert, and I am former college athlete that now manages a RV dealership. Often I feel spiritually inspired to do art work as a hobby. I decided to create a vision that God has placed on my heart over a year ago with “Delivered”.





Artist Statement

I call this piece "Delivered". It is the initial point of view that Moses saw when God started to fulfill his promise to the Israelites as Moses parted the Red Sea.

How it fits into contest

“ Delivered” is a sculpture that displays Gods mighty power. I can only imagine the hopelessness the Israelites felt once they came to the Red Sea while being pursued and threatened by Pharos army. Although situations in life may get a bit intense. God always come through. “Delivered” captures the moment when Moses saw Gods power being implemented through the dividing of the Red Sea.


Cheryl Mcqustion. Helped with the resin bowl design.

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