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I'm a young lady named Jennifer, who aspires to inspire, many!


Grace To Finish The Race-Clothing



Artist Statement

The t-shirt is linked to an emerging platform/organization called: Grace To Finish The Race. The point and purpose of it all, is to bring exposure to the specific intentionality of God (with His Grace), that helps and guides each individual to fulfill the purpose of our existence on Earth, completing our God-given assignments, and finally, ultimately receiving the eternal gift of life with Christ. Basically, a platform to shine light on that beautiful Grace that guides everyone in the journey of "the race", which is symbolic of life and an unseen and seen spiritual fight! As far as the t-shirt, it was never anything that I intended to do, until I dreamed that I created t-shirts to bring awareness to this platform. In the dream I saw the image & text on the front of the shirt. The legs on the front symbolizes people moving towards something (whether they realize where they're going or not). After the dream, I asked God if it was something that He wanted, to allow it to be created how He wanted it to be. Eventually, He showed me perfectly the image on the back of the shirt. Literally, the road symbolizes the journey in life (the "race"). The back literally has just an image of the road within a circular border to put strong emphasis on how the actual Journey is so important that it determines where and how you'll finish. If you notice the road becomes more narrow and it's going in an upward direction. That perfectly depicts how the Bible mentions that the pathway to Heaven (upward direction) is long and narrow. The fact that it is in a circular border symbolizes that it is also just a glimpse of what the outcome your individual "race" can be. I brought a solid colored shirt to a screen printing company and described what I wanted on the shirt. They printed exactly what I told them to print. As far as the dyeing, I dyed the shirt myself. One of the most interesting things about this shirt is that I intended for the dye to come out in more of a marbling effect. Instead, it came out resembling clouds. I thought that was extremely interesting and strongly believed that God intentionally caused that to happen. The shirt as a whole, interestingly resembles clouds in a blue sky which can also be symbolic of Heaven, and your ultimate destination.

How it fits into contest

As in Ephesians 6:10-20, there is definitely a "battle" in everyone's life. Ultimately, that battle is a tug of war for what each individual eternal life will be. The journey in life or the "race" can be easily looked at as the battle for one's soul. The tshirt greatly depicts and sends the message that God is always fighting you. It also encourages people to become curious with the words "Grace To Finish The Race", therefore introducing them to acknowledge God's unseen and seen, undeserving and loyal Grace in their life thus far, that was fighting for them. Which I believe will cause them to understand more of how the fight has never been about other people or physical things in their life but how it truly has ALL been a spiritual fight instead. This artwork encourages people to embrace God fully, which is how Ephesians 6:10-20 specifically explains how to ultimately be able to finish this "race".


I gave a description of the design of the images and the text of the t-shirt to a screen printing company named Image Printing and they only printed the text and images on the t-shirt. Other than placing the print on the shirt, I designed and dyed it myself.

How to Purchase this Artwork

It is an original work. They are t-shirt that's all dyed by hand. The pricing is $17 each which includes shipping. They can be purchased by sending your order via email to or via DM to my personal instagram page @_real_royalty_

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As the artwork is actually a part of an emerging platform given to me by God, there is an actual YouTube channel that will be presenting exciting and Godly content! I would sincerely love if anyone would subscribe to the YouTube channel: Grace To Finish The Race, to be a part of an incredible, loving, encouraging, and powerful movement! Thank you all so much in advance!

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