Wauna Johnson

Artist bio

Hello, my name is Wauna Johnson and I received my BA in Visual Arts and Applied Design from the University of Houston Clear Lake. I enjoy creating art that has a message and resonates with people. Bold colors in abstract pieces to realism with dry material are some of the characteristics found in my artworks.


Timeless Protection


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I have been exploring color theory applications in abstract art for some time now. This piece is the second of 8 in my concentration series. I knew I wanted to use paint to create a cool color pallet that symbolizes calmness and grace. I used oil paints for the sky and staircase. For the remaining imagery I used acrylics.

How it fits into contest

The Armor of God theme has a special meaning to me, as a Christian, and having a visual representation of it brings inspiration to my spirit. I wanted to create a futuristic scene and armor ware to express even though the principles of spiritual warfare are vintage, the armor is enhanced as we progress as a society. I believe that all of God's promises and His Word are eternal and outside of time.


Wauna Johnson

How to Purchase this Artwork

This piece is an original on panel canvas board size 16 x 20. The cost of original is $450.00. I can be reached through email: or through text: 346-333-1380 to make arrangements for payment and shipping of art. Additionally, prints will made available for sale on my website once it is updated.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I provide direct commissions for pastel portraits and links to drawing and painting instructional videos for purchase. These services will be posted on my website soon. If I am contacted via email, I will keep all informed of updates on the website.

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