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I am the owner of the Classical Art Academy in Boulder Colorado. I teach oil painting and drawing to adult students. My personal work is guided by a desire to use art to increase people's faith. I provide artwork for sale to the public, donations for our Church, and on a sliding scale for parishioners who need images for particular devotions. My training is in classical methods, including intensive study of artistic anatomy, perspective, and composition.


The Battle Call



Artist Statement

This is an oil painting on canvas, with sections of 22 karat gold leaf. My process involved many periods of reflection as I tried to discern the meaning of the work. The horse was white at first, but over time it became clear to me that it was the red horse of war, and after that realization, it pretty much painted itself. It is constructed in multiple layers of both thick paint and glazes. The final step was to apply gold leaf to the tunic of the angel as an offering of gratitude for the help of the Holy Spirit in bringing this work to light.

How it fits into contest

We Christians are called to battle, in haste and in deadly earnest. The red of the horse symbolizes war. The power in the motion of the horse propels us forward, giving us strength and courage to engage the enemy. We are blessed to fight alongside God's angels; the trumpet blast summons reinforcements of the heavenly host to our aid.


Michelle Philip created this artwork.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original oil painting. The original is not for sale, but archival quality giclees can be purchased at various sizes. Contact Michelle Philip at for information.

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Oil painting classes in Boulder, Colorado. Artwork available for purchase.

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