Artist bio

My name is Stephon K. Gilbert and I'm a Trinidadian, Purpose-driven, Visual Artist. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and "Everything I Do Is By God's Grace". For me, ART is my Mountain, God's WORD is my Foundation and DOMINION is my Expression through the grace given. I'm primarily a painter, but I engage in many other forms of art. I also have a passion for evangelism, apologetics and teaching the bible through various methods including my artworks. I love football, table tennis and cricket, and I'm also a musician, playing the bass guitar and saxophone, and worship leader at my church and I have a twin brother 🙂





Artist Statement

This world is dark and passing away but still, there is light. In my artworks I always want the viewer to get a true perspective of life and what Christianity and the bible are about; personally, everything surrounds the gospel message. Here I painted a picture of who we are...temporary residents. Christians, in this world but not of it, are commanded to put on the armor of light (the Lord Jesus Christ) and fight a good warfare. Wherever we are or go in this world we must be light, preach the gospel and draw men out from darkness to light. When resisted with evil (arrows from people), we overcome with good (hearts). The armor (faith shield) protects from the spiritual attacks (arrows overhead). We are not moved; the darker the world gets, the brighter we ought to shine. It's a Kingdom perspective.

At the top center believers are baptized with water and fire. They continue on the straight and narrow road. I stand in the Caribbean looking in as all of scripture (which I frequently add in paintings to promote study and aid understanding) convicts and speaks of this predestined lifestyle and mission. Looking at the painting, an unbeliever sees an upcoming encounter, but a Christian, they see soldiers moving out and motivation to step as well.

How it fits into contest

Satan is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) and thus humanity generally is under the dominion of darkness. They control cultures and people, all except for those in Christ. We still live in this world but we are now enemies of it and thus would be fought against. Ephesians 6 mentions different ranks and types of spiritual oppositions and it's in all the world. We as God's chosen people have a responsibility to be in these different parts of the world living life (working, going to school etc) but at the same time showing, living and teaching the heavenly perspective or way of life at each level. To stop us, the enemy has to attack beyond the physical. He has to attack our mind and belief system. Satan brings lies, so we put on the belt truth. He attacks our heart, emotions, self-worth so we keep on righteousness and so on. That is the armor all of which is packaged in Christ. That is why I chose not to have the Christians wearing visible physical armor, but show them simply clothed in love. God is love, we are in Him and just live to express Him. It's potent enough to deal with battles without and within. We also support one another in this mission... we go out together (Ephesians 6:18).


Stephon Gilbert - I am the artist
Jesus Christ - He was my Help, Strength, Guide and everything else
Karen Nelson Gilbert (my mother) - She prayed for me

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work. It is an acrylic and mixed media 30"x 30" painting. The original is not for sale yet but prints are for sale and they are done by order. I work and print in Trinidad. Shipping is possible. Contact me for orders via instagram @art_word_dominion_skg or Facebook @Art Word Dominion - Stephon K Gilbert or call 1(868) 498 0860 for more info and to place orders

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Paintings (oil and acrylic) - Drawings (coloured & lead pencils, charcoal and chalk pastel)
Portraits (oil painting and drawing)
Landscape scenes
Biblical/ Christian themed artworks
Custom-made artworks (inclusive of sculptures and imaginative compositions)

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