Janelle Cal

Artist bio

I am a christian and a follower of God, and love to paint. Expressing the word of God through painting is more than amazing. I feel more than bless by God to have the opportunity to share the word of God this way and that many would see and be blessed too.I don't have any education on art, but I have the love and passion for it. I have been an art lover since I was a child. Making paint with all kinds of thing that would color during my child hood. I am happy to be in love with it until know and forever My Sister is a primer School teacher and she is also a christian.


Victory with God



Artist Statement

I am very thankful to God that provided the material. In this time of difficulties and hardships. It is not the most professional material since I don't have the accessibility to it,but it did a great job.

How it fits into contest

It show how we can overcome any thing if we are fighting by the side of God. Through his death,word, prayer, communion with him we can defeat the evil. We can break any chain that have us slaves and have freedom and eternal life


First of all with the direction of God. My sister Daiannie Cal and I, Kristy Cal came up with the ideas and I, Kristy Cal painted it.

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It is an original copy

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