darnel jack

Artist bio

I am a young lady,now finishing high school and trying to challenge myself with my art pieces and trying new things. I stare at my paintings sometimes just in this belief that i created that lovely piece and i hope to spread a message of courage and hope to this world we live in.





Artist Statement

This art work really connected with my emotions, because each detail carry so much meaning and symbolism. i naturally paint flora and fauna , so this made my piece much easier for me to do.

How it fits into contest

'And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that i may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.'' my piece show the soul of this man who is fighting a spiritual battle between good and evil and he is a strong believer in his faith, the tears which flows from his eyes are from love and trust in his faith that good will always prevail over evil and he is overcome with emotion knowing that his prayers which he isn't ashamed of helps him to grow stronger everyday. The glowing bold flowers are to show his transition onto the winning side of light from those dark gloomy days, which is represented by the darker side of the painting.


i would like to thank my little brother darius, who supported me day and night and assisted me by washing out some of my paint brushes.

How to Purchase this Artwork

it is an original piece. the materials used were a 16 x 24 hard canvas , a variety of acrylic paints and they all cost approximately $304.00 TT and were all bought in San Fernando plaza.

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