Artist bio

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I'm a self taught artist from a small town in Tennessee. I wanted to take part in this contest because I enjoy anything that gets me creatively working and connecting me to God. Both are major passions of mine, and I'm so thankful to get the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful experience. I took 3 years of art in high school, and am looking forward to getting a degree in fine arts so I can do what I love and learn more about it along the way!


The Battle That's Already Been Won


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This is a depiction of a woman who has just defeated the demon in her life. The angel is praying for her, and asking God to cover the woman in His armor so that she can defeat the many obstacles she may face. This piece is created with a 0.5mm BiC mechanical pencil along with a 4B Blick Studio pencil for shading and a pen tip Sharpie for outlining. I do most of my works with mechanical pencils with a mixture of ink. I love the way the two can create such beautiful contrasts. I felt that this technique would be perfect for this piece.

How it fits into contest

I think this piece fits the topic because the verses from the scriptures describe the armor of God protecting us and prepping us to defeat all evil things that may cross our lives. This woman has faced many things, but because she wore God's armor, she has become victorious in her spiritual battles. She shows no fear, because she knows God will protect her, and understands any battle she faces, He has already won.



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