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Hello, my name is Beyonce Mccrary, and I am a dual enrollment student who is in their last year of high school. I am completing my school's CTE pathway for graphic design and am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, procreate, and I am currently learning how to use After Effects. I am a committed and hardworking person with a passion for digital design. I have experience working on projects in Photoshop and Illustrator for class and my personal use. I do digital drawings and landscape paintings that can be found on my Instagram @chromaticdayz and my TikTok @chromaticdayz. I am currently working on a comic called inner demons, a story that explores the complexity of mental illness and the intricacies of our society. Sneak peeks of this comic can be found on my social media.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

In this painting I wanted to create a story. Something so graphic and captivating that it supersedes language and can be understood by everyone regardless of their background. In the digital painting I used Procreate and editing software to put together a powerful scene with a message that is instantly conveyed.

How it fits into contest

In this image, we see an angel fallen to his knees, struggling to keep being hopeful with the shroud of darkness pinning him down. The somber black background represents the “dark world” that at times can seem all-encompassing and overpowering. Nevertheless, a slice of light can be seen, this represents God, who truly is all-powerful, who can penetrate even the bleakest of situations. This small slice of light is enough for the angel to be revived and have enough strength to overcome his demons and return to the light. With the empowerment of the lord, he can “stand firm” literally and figuratively, and become a propagator of goodness. The chains on his wrist represent the sin we all face that keep us from truly being with god. He breaks these chains shattering his connection with the evil forces. As humans, while sin is an inevitable part of our existence, so is free will. While wearing our chains, we can choose to be ambassadors of the faith, and spread the word so everyone can have a chance in the light. I chose to depict an angel in this picture to show even the purest can falter, but no matter how dire the transgression or how entrenched we are in the “spiritual forces of evil,” faith and the word of God can overcome all.


Beyonce Mccrary: Design and illustration

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I do commissions creating anything that you want from your imagination. If you want this service you will receive a digital copy that can be printed and framed. Contact me on instagram @chromaticdayz. Sketches 10 dollars, 15 flat color, 20 Render, 30 background.

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