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My name is Johnathan Harlin. I am currently an middle school Art Teacher in Texas. My artwork tends to focus in the are of figures, and comic book illustration. I try to blend the two styles when every I complete a painting.





Artist Statement

This painting was completed using Acrylic paint on a 40x60 stretch canvas. This painting was created in three layers. I started with the background, middle ground, and foreground. I followed these process to have a smoother work flow and to eliminate restricted brush movement. This paint fits into my general style with is use of targeted colors, symbolism and bold/sharp lines to focus the viewers attention and navigation throughout the piece.

How it fits into contest

This painting fits into Ephesians 6: 10-20 by each persons individual awakening. The idea of putting on the armor of God is preparing yourself to fight against the temptations of this world that we would normal ignore, embrace, and make excuses for. The title unshackled is referring to each persons moment of clarity when they are ready to put on the armor of God. However before that can happen they must first break the shackle that is binding them. In the painting you see seven figures and dark valley with not life and a haze/fog. This valley of death that is complied of all the sins colors is symbolic of the haze that can potentially envelop a person. Each figure is colored to represent the seven deadly sins that restricts our growth and movement spiritually. Violet for Pride, Green for Envy, Orange for Gluttony, Light Blue for Sloth, Red for Wrath, Yellow for Greed, and Blue for Lust. The figures in the back are content with their current sin and are suspended by chains which leads to no growth. The figure in the front is representative our our current time. Lust is main fixture in todays time, lust for power, fame, fortune, music, tv, etc.. One must break free from the shackle that have ensnared us all. The angel in front represents the dark spiritual forces that will immediately attack the instant you decided to break free. The cross underneath represent the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the armor of God providing a stable ground over the endless bottom of that valleys floor.


Johnathan Harlin I individually create these piece on my own from the verse in Ephesians 6:10-20

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Original Work 40x60 canvas
Selling price $1000

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Comic pages illustrations, 2d animation shorts, and commissions painting subject based or portrait.

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