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I am a young individual that goes by the Erika Pearson.I am an ambitious minister with the intentions to not hide my gifts God has blessed me with, but to show it to others to help them on their walk to Christ. I use my talent in art to teach the work of God. God reveals to me different visions that will not only tell what he wants people to know but teaches and strengthens my spiritual life. I thank God for placing me in a position to help others through different illustration and I thank him for blessing me with such amazing talent.


The Surrenderance


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

In this illustration, I wanted to showcase a combination of what we read in the bible, and by what we read, I made it into a piece.
In this mixed media illustration, the focus was to be placed on the Surrenderance of nations, yielding to God who holds the world in his hands. This piece demonstrates that no matter the battle, no matter the trials and tribulations we all face in this world, God will always be the one we look to for help. Originally, God wanted me to paint what I see and what needs to be done as Kingdom believers.
This piece is called, "The Surrenderance". And what God is teaching and placing on my heart for this piece is to stand firm in christ, all he wants is for us to unite and surrender because he alone can fight our battles, he alone has the power to destroy every work of the enemy, and every evil forces that comes our way. He alone conquers it all.
The woman in this piece represents a fierce believer of the kingdom of God. With hands lifted high she shouts, "Yes lord, I give you my all, I surrender it all to you".
The men below is a representation of the many different nations God has created, and as shown we can see that they are uniting as one as true believers of the kingdom of God and is surrending their lives.
Finally, the hands represents Jesus. As viewed closely, I incoprortated the earth coming out of the hands that represents the scripture verse Pslams 24 that reads, "The earth is the lord's and the fullness thereof".

I pray this piece touches your heart as it did for mine, and I pray that God shows you the vision he has shown me.

How it fits into contest

As a spiritual battle continues to arise within our nation we unite in agreeance to surrender ourselves to the one we call our lord and saviour. This piece shows a virtual reality of the different nations yielding before God. We stand as one as we turn our problems to the lord with hands lifted and an armor of righteousness so strong to defeat the enemy.
This illustration envisions the topic by ways of showing that we as a nation uniting to give God everything that we have and surrending unto him for the battle is not ours, but his.
In this piece I wanted to show how the female ties into verse 8 in Ephesians. She is standing firm in the lord, blocking out every work of the enemy. According to verse 14," Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist....." As God wants us to turn to him for help, she represents a warrior, an ambassador for christ ready to give him her everything. We tend to go through alot that we can not face but God is saying to trust me and let me fight the battle for you, for the battle is already won.
Finally, I incorporated the different nations God has created to join hands in agreeance unto his word. As illustrated, the men(countries) shows that no matter the trials and tribulations, we are one, we are united, as children of the king we can overcome ever thing the devil throws our way. This spiritual attack that the earth is under, we declare it to be no more. Lord we surrender unto your will. Let your kingdom come and your will be done upon this earth and over our nations.


Erika Pearson

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This is an original piece. Any inquires please contact me via email

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