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Hello! My name is Corey Sigle. I am a child of God with a strong connection and personal relationship him. I rely on God for guidance in every aspect of my life. I also have learned that my faith grows stronger every day. I am a lover of all people regardless of your race, sex, gender, or socioeconomic status. I believe that we are all Gods children regardless how dysfunctional the world my seems as of late. I feel this is a test of our faith with the Corona Virus pandemic, people losing their lives to Covid-19, people losing their jobs, and civil injustices taking place across world. I also feel a shift or change is coming soon if we the people each start trying to make a positive change in our own communities, schools, and work places. We have to understand that racism is not tolerated on any level. I'm a genuine man with a vision and faith in God. I love to help others and give back to my community through grassroots efforts and nonprofit organizations. I believe that If we all do a little, no one would have to do a lot! Let's shine and be great together and love each other they way God want us to through love, diversity, and unity. Remember it's not about how you start, but how you finish! God Bless!


Eternal Faith



Artist Statement

This artwork was actually created with pure faith. I was going through a lot emotionally when I drew this. I felt every stroke of the pencil. I felt a heavenly presence sincerely.

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It reminds you of the faith we have to have when we are going through things. Reminds us the sacrifices we may have to endure someday. Reminds you to love and not judge others.and to always work on being a better self.


Corey Sigle Sr. /Artist

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