April Shumski

Artist bio

My name is April. I love Jesus and I love knowing my identity through him. He is my everything. Every decision I make I do to please Him and give all glory and honor to him. I know that the ideas that I have are from his impression on my heart. I am so great full and thankful of his presence in my life. I want to reach as many people as I can to know that they too can have this relationship in there lives. It requires dedication but wow it’s so worth every moment spent with him. I am every day striving to be an empty vessel he can use in any and every way. Thank you Jesus


Prepare yourself; He is with Us Always.



Artist Statement

I started creating this in color pencil I mapped out the ideas God placed on my heart as I continued to spend time with the Lord and reading the Bible he continued to reveal more that I knew I needed to incorporate into the piece. The piece morphed into a large oil painting on canvas. I want the art God puts on my heart to stir the heart of the person to taste and see that the Lord is good. Maybe have questions and seek the Lord for answers. In anyway to stir them to look upon his face. To see a testimony and to want a relationship with Him.

How it fits into contest

The idea came to me that I wanted the armor to look like the armor that the Israelites might have worn. I put in the elements belt of truth (He is the truth and the life). The breastplate of righteousness. Your feet with the gospel of peace. (Under the feet is the rock (Jesus) and the waters (Holy Spirit) cleansing and Sanctifying.) The shield of faith. That shields the flaming arrows of the evil one. The helmet of salvation. The sword of the spirit (which I set at the mouth because it is the word of God.) The white cloth that is held is the prayers and remembering the saints. A heart exposed declaring the gospel ( the good news) and love of Christ.
I also leaned into psalms 91 fighting spiritual battles requires trust. Going to the secret place with hearts exposed the Lord is my Refuge and my strength which is why the source and power is coming from the light descending on the warrior. And He will send his angels to protect you. The banner that the angel is carrying symbolizing so many things. Banners were raised in battle. His banner over me is love. The banner is red and symbolize the blood of Jesus that was shed for us. It also symbolizes worship and praise. The finished piece move to a canvas and was painted with oil paints.


My husband Michael for always encouraging me to do the will of God. Helping me to learn and lean in. My daughter Natalie for telling me “it looks good mommy.” And the Holy Spirit for showing revealing and teaching as only you can do.

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