Sonya Davis

Artist bio

I am a 35 year old single mother, with 2 beautiful children. I started painting and selling my art as a means to provide for my growing children. I have suffered from depression for years and painting and creating things with my hands have been a blessing for me and has helped me in my dark days. Because God has kept me for all these years, my business is steady growing and I will continue to pursue my dream and I pray everyday for financial growth. One opportunity would most definitely help me in my journey.


Full Armor Of God



Artist Statement

This piece was created with my blessed hands using acrylic paints and markers as my mediums. I enjoy creating bright, bold colors and masterpieces of meaning.

How it fits into contest

This piece fits with The Spiritual Battle because I have depicted the full wardrobe in this painting, I have added my church's colors. Because I feel as a child of God and at these times in our lives we must always have on the Full Amor Of God!!


I did research in my bible. I broke down not just the scripture but the entire chapter. I researched many images on Google to get ideas. But the main credit goes to the Word of God.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This an original piece, created on drawing paper using acrylic and markers as my mediums. The original piece is placed in a 16 x 20 ready to hang frame. If interested in purchasing go to my social media platforms and inbox me SonyaTheChocolateOneDavis/Facebook

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