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Joanna Manning’s work revolves around the body, gender, and spirituality. Her studio techniques combine sculpture, printmaking, painting, and book arts. Born in 1996 near Detroit, MI, she will receive her BFA in Art at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN. In 2020 Manning has been in various exhibitions, including a solo exhibition Embodied at Bethel University. Manning currently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN.





Artist Statement

Brave is a continuation of ideas about the body and spirituality. This piece is created by the lost-wax bronze casting method. Liquid hot bronze is poured into the mold and once cool hammered opened. After grinding and a patina, the bronze is mounted on a steel cylinder and granite square.

How it fits into contest

Made of bronze, steel, and granite, Brave's materials speak of durability and permanence. The sculpture references the form and scale of an organ from the human body. Organs can fight disease and cancer. The body not only houses organs, but also the Spirit that fights against spiritual forces. This piece considers the body and spirit being strong and fearless.


Joanna Manning Artist

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Original artwork. Bronze mounted on steal and granite. If interested in my work please contact me:

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