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My name is Wrudell Timothy, I am a Christian rapper from Trinidad and Tobago. I started making music while in High School and never stopped since. I was born in Trinidad but grew up with my grandparents in Montreal, Canada. Upon returning to my homeland in 2008 I started a vocal group in Trinidad called" Skevos" (Instruments of God). I am currently still a part of the group but I had some songs that I had been writing for some time that I never recorded. So in November 2019 I decided to branch out on my own to work on a solo project that God placed on my heart. All in all, I am a lover of Christ and I am really excited for all the plans that He continues to reveal for my life. God above everything!!


Step by Step



Artist Statement

The painting was originally designed as the artwork for the song "Step by Step". The song illustrates our spiritual battle as a fight against ourselves and our own carnal selfish disposition. As we can see in the painting our protagonist working himself up in a stupor trying to almost outrun himself. Step by Step demonstrates that the battle for our minds and hearts is in fact not our battle to fight, and if we are to win our only hope is in running to Christ the author and finisher of our faith. We are victorious when we not only flee our enemy but when we run step by step towards God our only help!

How it fits into contest

The piece 'Step by Step' inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20; depicts “putting on the armor of God” as a journey and not a mere on-off act of valor.

'Step by Step' serves as a reminder that as carnal human beings; frail and imperfect, we are no match for our opposition. In our own strength we are easy prey for our enemy – the devil. Our courage and hope comes solely from our alliance with the only perfect source of strength. This is our only hope for living a purpose-filled, victorious life.


Mahzoly - Digital Painting
Wrudell Timothy - Visual concept

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