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Artist’s Biography for Dana Ann Hanson Dana Ann Hanson also known as D'AH, is a servant and seer who has been gifted to co-create with our CREATOR to share HIS Good News, through visual form. Dana's prophetic art carries a unique and tangible presence from the FATHER'S HEART and can be seen and felt through her art. Her art has been known to bring encouragement, healing and hope that speaks to the heart of the viewer. Her art is intercession, each piece is created in a live atmosphere of Worship, and is unique and has it's own personal voice. Her prophetic line of art is composed from a combination of dreams, visions and spiritual inspiration. Art is a part of Dana’s DNA, she doesn’t pursue art, art has pursued her. Dana is a self taught artist who was inspired by her mother, Janet Marie Lord and her grandmother Frieda Lord, both who carried a unique create gift themselves. Dana’s creative passion is truly a GOD given gift, which is inspired and infused with a heavenly energy that comes from the Spirit of Truth. As she prays over each piece, she can feel the Spiritual energy/ anointing flowing through her brush, and into the painting. Dana not only feels HIS tangible presence as she creates with Him, but knows others do as well because of hearing the continual testimonies of those whose hearts and lives have been touched by the art she is blessed to create. Dana received her first art grant in 2018 that was titled “Healing the Land”, which was a Love story between Creator GOD and HIS Native American Children. These paintings came mostly from dreams and visions and she was able to put them in a visual form. Dana has exhibited her work in several locations. She has won awards, sold many of her original works, and currently sells her originals and prints of her artwork on her website. She has done book covers for several authors, and has illustrated Children’s books. Dana is currently doing commissioned portrait paintings for clients, featuring either animals or people, but her favorite is still the prophetic art line. She loves to work in all mediums, however her medium of choice is oil on canvas, or on Masonite. Dana's journey has been one of Passion to create works with spiritual meaning and purpose, she continues to learn and strengthen the Creative gift that she has been given. Dana may not have a huge list of fame and glory in the world's places of art, but that doesn't mean her art isn't of great value. This artist isn't about the show and tell, but look and see what HE is speaking through her art. You can't put a price on what GOD calls forth and then creates through this brush holder. When art is inspired, called forth and breathed on by GOD, that is the art that changes the world and makes a difference in the lives of people, who see it, but even more who own it. If you can get your hands on Dana's original art, consider yourself one special person, it will be sure to bring a change into the room, the atmosphere and even into your life, all for the better.


I AM -Your Armor



Artist Statement

What I would like you to know about this artwork, is that it is titled “I AM Your Armor” it is an original oil painting that is painted on a 24” X 36” stretched canvas, that illustrates the Scripture of Ephesians 6:10-20. This piece of art fits right into my style and Body of work I normally create called prophetic art. More art pieces like this can be seen on my website at

I first learned about this contest through one of the best Kingdom Artist mentors out there, Matt Tommey. I’m so thankful for him, and the lessons I have learned from him. It was through this course that I found other GOD connections like yours, who truly want to help fellow Christian artists by acknowledging them, and by promoting the Word of GOD through the arts.

I was so excited to learn that this contest was based on Ephesians 6:10-20 “The Armor of GOD.” Then the process began, so many images and ideas flooded my mind from this scripture, but then I quieted my mind, and asked the HOLY SPIRIT, “What can I paint that would express Your Word about the Armor of GOD in today’s world, that people of all ages, nationalities and gender could receive and understand?”

As I waited, I saw a clear image of JESUS as this HUGE POWERFUL LION, and over HIS Chest area I saw the words, “I AM -your Armor”.

My next step was to transfer the vision I received onto the canvas, by sketching it out with graphite. During this process, I put on my worship music and began to pray and I chose the colors of paint and applied them to my pallet, picked the brushes out that I needed, gathered all the supplies and then I laid my hands on the canvas and began to pray, I asked for HIS anointing, and presence to be a part of this painting, that those who would look upon this painting would be ministered to as HE wanted to minster to them. And I began, it’s as if the brush took on its own mission, I stepped into the place of worship and I began painting in HIS presence, with HIS help and layer upon layer of color began to take form and shape and hours later the vision came to life. I laid my hands again upon the painting and intercession began, I felt the world needs to know JESUS as their true ARMOR, LORD have YOUR way in and through this painting.

The painting dried and then it was scanned, so prints can later be made.

Until all have heard,
Dana Hanson

How it fits into contest

My Painting titled “ I AM - your Armor” Illuminates Ephesians 6:10-20. “For our Battle is a Spiritual Battle not one of flesh and blood, JESUS is our SPIRITUAL ARMOR, HE is what we need to stand firm and not be shaken. HE has won the battle over ALL the enemy, and HE has given us HIMSELF, HIS BLOOD, HIS NAME, HIS PRESENCE. All we need to do is Trust HIM, believe HIM at HIS WORD, and to stand in faith IN HIM.
When you look at this painting you can see and feel the Authority and Power of JESUS who is our Spiritual Armor. There is a feeling of security and safety when looking into HIS Eyes. I chose this ancient font for the wording to portray the essence of HIS Power. Even though my painting doesn’t show you our body parts being covered as in the description of Ephesians 6:10-20, I feel my painting gives you the understanding that our true armor isn’t made up of metal that covers our physical body parts, but that our battle being spiritual, and spiritual battle needs spiritual armor, and like never before we need to know WHAT is our spiritual armor? Or I would say WHO IS the ARMOR PROTECTOR COVERING US? HIS NAME IS JESUS- I AM is HIS NAME.
Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:10-20 that we are to take up the full Armor of GOD and be clothed in it, because the battles we face are spiritual seen and unseen, it’s the spiritual warfare we face.
“Therefore, take up the whole armor of GOD, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of GOD, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication for all the saints.. “

The description of the Armor of GOD was to give us a visual of our body parts being protected by certain types of armor when fighting back in the day. I prayed about what I could paint that would relate to our current time and what the Armor of GOD would look like today; The Image I saw before my eyes was the one, I painted. JESUS IS OUR COMPLETE and FULL ARMOR, HE is both our offense and defense, HE protects all aspects of the human body, soul & spirit, from the enemy of our souls, the devil and his demons.

HEAD/HELMET. JESUS covers our Head with a Spiritual Helmet so to speak. Our head is so important because its where our thoughts come in. Those thoughts affect our vision, how we think, act, hear, speak, and how we communicate as a whole. This is why it’s vital we keep our thoughts protected from lies, and filled with HIS TRUTH. HIS TRUTH COVERS OUR MIND & PROTECTS IT as we do our part and keep the lies out and HIS TRUTH in. HE IS OUR SALVATION; we can put our complete Trust IN HIM.

BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. JESUS Covers us with HIS BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOSNESS – JESUS covers and protects our heart. The heart, both natural and spiritual, are vital. We need them both to be protected and healthy and we do this by staying in right standing with GOD, staying away from corruption. The spiritual heart stores the thoughts of what we believe, what we act on, and what we speak out. So, as we keep our heart beating with TRUTH and LOVE, it will stay Healthy, and will keep us in right standing with HIM. The enemy knows and fears HIS RIGHTESOUNESS in us.

BELT OF TRUTH. JESUS covers us with HIS BELT OF TRUTH, the Belt protected many vital areas and organs, including the reproduction organs that produced life, and identity. The Belt (TRUTH) holds all the other pieces together, holds everything in place. JESUS protects and gives us our identity, HE brings us Life, HE holds everything together in place in us.

SHOES OF PEACE/GOSPEL. JESUS cover us and equips our FEET with SPIRITUAL SHOES, our feet move us from one place to the next and help us to stand against the enemy. Our Feet are covered with the preparation -to be able to face the enemy with a sureness, a firm foundation of the Gospel of GOOD NEWS, of HIS PEACE knowing WHO IS WITH US AND FOR US, and this gives us the ABILITY TO STAND firmly against the enemy and not fall or run.

SHIELD OF FAITH. JESUS covers us and protects us with HIS SPIRITUAL SHIELD OF FAITH, Faith in HIM, that stops any arrows of enemy attacks. FAITH IN HIM, that is SUPERNATURALLY POWERFUL.

SWORD. JESUS covers us and protects us with HIS SWORD, HIS WORD. It is also our #1 Offensive weapon that we are to use in this spiritual war. “IT IS WRITTEN”! -THIS IS A HUGE SUPERNATURALLY POWERFUL death-defying way to stop the enemy! It’s not our word, it’s our mouth speaking out a GOD BREATHED, HOLY SPIRIT, LIFE CHANGING, POWERFUL WEAPON, HIS WORD! The WORD OF GOD IS LIVING, ACTIVE, THE SHARPEST & MOST POWERFUL OFFENSIVE WEAPON!

We don’t go looking for a fight, the battles come our way from the enemy. Being submitted to GOD daily and then resisting the enemy when he tries to attack us, causes us to be able to stand our ground firmly, and therefore driving satan away. We are required only to hold our ground. JESUS will win the battles for us and there is Victory every time with JESUS. James 4:7 says, “Submit to GOD, resist the devil and he WILL FLEE from you! So, resist and stand not pursue to conquer, but conquering by submitting to GOD and the stand and resist the enemy, for he will flee!!

BE STRONG IN THE LORD and IN THE STRENGTH OF HIS MIGHT, put on the whole Armor of GOD, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the principalities, powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil.

So, let us Stand firmly, knowing we are Armored with the ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL ARMOR- JESUS, THE KING OF KINGS, THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH! This is what my painting illuminates and represents.

Dana Ann Hanson


Dana Hanson (myself- artist), who painted the artwork.

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This is an original Oil painting done on stretched canvas 24" x 36". We will have prints available on our website at
The original maybe up for sale and will also be posted on our website.

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