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I am a self-thought artist with a formation in architecture. I begun painting wanting to reproduce a photograph on a scale the 35mm blurred out. Seiing the process of the image rebuild by hand, I noticed the spirit of the image changed to something different. I begun building from there. I have so much to say, and I'm on my way to build my very own visual language. I have showcased my work on Asia and South America.


Cherry Banana Cinder



Artist Statement

This work depicts three stages of the life of an automobile,with three different palettes and a legend over each stage. There is a wink for the ones that are knowledgeable in cars: the third car is a different brand and model. The words Desire, Possession and Existence overlapped on the image of the decomposing car, and they are meant to awake something on the viewer of this work. The palette with it's vibrant colors adds a pleasant tension to the whole.

How it fits into contest

To define armor, it is a mechanism that applied to something, preserves it from any event that might come from the environment. I believe the armor of God is knowledge. Self-knowledge amidst the storm of modern life. Knowing that no possession is lasting, and that desire can never be quieted with physical possessions, and that existence is beyond this both things, it's a solid foundation to face every day in the knowledge that we are on a path to something bigger than this life as we know it.


The credit of the original photographs of the cars, go to their respective owners.

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Single unique original work. fully hand made, Acrylic on Canvas.
Available for purchase, for more info please email to:

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