Yulia Zarubin

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Russian artist currently living in the US. Zaru's artwork reflects the observation of a universal desire for ultimate love. Displayed in hundreds of languages, these idea celebrates the transcendent nature of unifying experiences. To give it form, each visual element integrates biophilic patterns and shapes found in the natural world. Her creative vision allowed her to consult many TOP 500 companies for their creative strategies. Zaru's work presented in Autograph Collection Hotels, In Design hotels and in private collections.


Empowered to choose



Artist Statement

Using 73 different languages the painting "Empowered to choose" explores the idea that is simple and true to all. While reflecting collective struggles of fear which has many faces like doubt, worry, jealousy, guilt, blame etc. it encourages the viewer to remember the sacral knowledge, which is our internal power to choose.To give it form, visual element integrates the biophilic shape found in the natural world . These magical structures mixed with the linguistic power of bare emotions reveal our true nature beyond name and form. Throughout my work, these concepts intertwine into a universal language that explores interconnectedness through faith as life’s most sacred ideal.

How it fits into contest

This artwork reflects the constant battle between fear and faith.
Choosing your feelings, thoughts and actions wisely is not always easy.
Accept your emotions, choose wisely and decide how to move forward could be a real fight. Believing in ultimate power of God's love, choosing to bless, trust, hope and love instead of fear gives us a chance to experience the divine miracles and believe in our power beyond our physical existence.


Yulia Zarubin

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Original painting. Available for purchase. E-mail at to discuss the shipment and payment details.

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Cultural ambassador for Chattanooga city (Tennessee)

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