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I was educated at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (BFA and MEd-art) and have been teaching art, crafts, and photography continuously since 1976. Currently, I teach studio courses in drawing, design, and painting as well as online sections of Art History and Appreciation at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, South Carolina. I keep virtual office hours using "Meeting Spaces" on and currently conduct studio art classes virtually using I'm the Faculty Lead of the Art Studio Pathway and Art Coordinator of seven Art History and Appreciation instructors (Ground, Online, and Hybrid sections). I've participated in a number of juried shows beginning in 1975 and have won recognition and sales for graphite drawings, acrylic works on canvas, photographs, and mixed-media works on cold-pressed watercolor paper. I've been married to Charlene Alger since 1975. Together we have raised five children.


Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany



Artist Statement

I spotted this drenched web-bound tumbleweed on the dawn of February 17, 2020 as I went out to warm up my wife's car. It was a misty morning after a full night of rain. This is the first of 12 shots I made in the space of two minutes with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. I then edited the image to my liking using the tools Instagram provides.

I like to think of my work as a form of "Poetic Shock." Whether a photograph, drawing, or painting, my aim is for it to contain just enough "Dynamic Tension" to win that second look that may mediate introspective thoughts of eternal treasures and acclaim the everlasting author of them all. His is the only approval I value, the only motivation I need, and the only wisdom I seek. All my worth is: Him in me. The most excellent thing I can ever produce is praise for Him. I hope that common thread is evident through all my works.

How it fits into contest

The thoughts in this passage that stand out most to me -- and the ones I prayerfully and "watchfully" (verse 18) seek to teach and model are to "be strong" (10), "stand" (11, 14), "withstand" (13), "persevere" (18), and "speak boldly" (19, 20) as one in whom the Spirit of God indwells. Approaching each day of life with a Christian worldview is indeed a "wrestle" (12) but even in an atmosphere of impossibility, victory can be expected by "taking up the whole armor of God," demonstrating a faith that understands that "The weapons we fight with have Divine power to demolish strongholds" (I Corinthians 10:4) -- and that "The Lord holds victory in store for the upright" (Proverbs 2:7). Over and over again, the God of wonders demonstrates His "...upholding of my cause" (I Samuel 25:39) as long as I am determined to serve Him and wait patiently and believingly to see "His glory" (John 11:40).

I believe my image depicts a Gideon-like dependency on the peace, patience, and power with which our Heavenly Father endows His frailest of servants for securing His purposes and demonstrating his might as the "Lord of Heaven's Armies" (Isaiah 14:27). Despite the darkness, entanglements, and the relentless fury of wind and rain, this tumbleweed exhibits the supernatural assurance that "...with God nothing will be Impossible!" (Luke1:37) and that He knows how to make something beautiful from our bruises; turning our scars to gold so that we bear the unmistakable imprint of His hand.


Errol R. Alger is the sole contributor of this digital photograph.

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The digital photograph titled "Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany" is an original. I will be happy to email a .jpg* of the image for $100 paid to my PayPal account at

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