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I am a versatile Artist, living in Costa Rica. I dedicate my time to my passion, Art, in form of paintings, sculpture, Mosaics and more, out of Recycled /Upcycled materials that I gather personally. Having raised 3 boys, and studied Graphic design originally, I also work with children at times, organize Pop Up Art Exhibitions in public spaces, under the name of "Wandering Gallery", as to hopefully raise awareness and give people access to Art in remote Costa Rica. Born and raised in Germany, Aachen 09.06.1968, relocated to Costa Rica since 1994. Entrepreur, mother, Project Manager. Independent


Loving Balance of our nature



Artist Statement

The Canvas, some of paints are recycled materials.
The roughness is intended, as it feels natural in the context of the piece

How it fits into contest

In my belief, the internal peace and balance we accept, combine all forces in our deepest desire and natural state, as was intended through creation.

Our journey to awaken this potential makes us realize, that we carry the potential to either use our gifts for evil, but our best potential is to be guided as one and unleash our combined balance against all bad. This way we are one, within ourselves, as well as with our surroundings.

The time has come to stand as one in balance


Petra Brinkhoff

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original, Canvas without frame 650 $. ( plus shipping & handling)

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

My Pop Up Gallery " Wandering Gallery" is looking into becoming an international undertaken.

I love to network with venues, Galleries, or public Art Projects, ranging from large Murals, Mosaics, Sculpture or other, specially with recycled materials

Art Fun Projects with small groups of children.

Please find me on Facebook or Instagram under Petra's Ecco Design, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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