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Engaged in His Presence



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When I read Ephesians 6:11-20, I imagined painting a woman with a fearless spirit, always ready to fight, with eyes burning like fire and arms ready for battle.
Fiery. Strong colors. Red, orange and black.

But then, I dreamed of Mary–the one who according to Jesus, chose what is better. At the time when Martha’s heart was troubled by the things of the world, there was Mary who sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what he said which is the only thing that is needed. A gentle spirit, without haste. Unbothered by the things of the world, but engaged and in complete reliance on her Savior.
Solemnity. Soft hues. Blue, radiant pink, and white.

This painting is a metaphor that real strength is the stillness of the soul, a heart that fully relies on Jesus–our righteousness, our strength, the defender of Mankind.

How it fits into contest

In the midst of fret and noise, wearing the full armor of God means finding ourselves resting in him, praying, listening, and pondering his words in our hearts; holding on to his truth—his promises that defy the devil’s lies. For the battleground is often our mind—thoughts that worry us and cause our hearts to fear and this battle is impossible to win with our own strength, but only with the strength that is found in Christ alone.

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