Julian Rucker

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>I AM< Passionate, Innovative, hands-on Multi Disciplinary Designer with a keen eye for illustrative design, typography and animation. Conscious Creator of compelling creative promotional content for social media , web design, print design, posters… etc. Creating and delivering Human Centric Design that will appeal to the target audience. I bring my strategic thinking skills, combined with strong communication,and compelling storytelling to lead teams and speak to my passions!


Shielded in the Light!


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My faith in the lord is what carries me through life's struggles. Sometimes life works in your favor, but often times things don't work out for you. I recently have gone through so much life turbulence. But I know God has a better plan for me! My faith gives me strength through the difficult times. For I know I'm being guided towards the light!

How it fits into contest

It describes the story of a man going about his everyday life. Ignorant to the truth of the spiritual battle taking place all around him everyday. He is fearful so he keeps his head down. But all he needs is to “take up the shield of faith” and he is will be protected from the evil around him. And if he would look up, he would see the beauty and light surrounding him.



How to Purchase this Artwork

$300 For a customized print. I can take a photo of purchaser and place it into artwork for a customized version. I can make a print and send it.

Please contact me a for inquiring

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Custom Pieces, I can customize this or any other artwork with images of purchaser.
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Custom Animation
Video Production

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