Anna Nafigina

Artist bio

Artist and printmaker inspired by Spiritualism and Symbolism, guided by Renaissance and empowered by Hermeticism. Studying BA Illustration at University of Hertfordishire and Restoration in Stroganof State University. I practice traditional drawing, as well as etching and copperplate engraving, and I make music album covers, hand printed books and Tarot cards.


The Collision


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This work consists of three panels and is made with ink and watercolor on linen paper. I often start with a general sketch and then let intuition and the spirit guide the process of creation. These visions emerge from my own reflection of my struggle for inner balance.

How it fits into contest

This artwork depicts Spiritual Battle as the collapse between two powers, neither good nor bad. It discusses the dualism of human nature and the strength needed to seek the constant balance between this and that to stand against forces of darkness. It’s about all kinds of conflicts we face in our lives and the importance of finding stability between the controversial intentions through spiritual search .The elements of God’s armor are equally shared between panels depicting the two energies, which points to their equal value in the Spiritual Battle. The central panel depicts the moment of the battle, the moment of closest interaction between different forces, and the delightful moment of collapse which brings the knowledge of the human spirit developing itself through the battle, the conflict and the collision of things.


Me, I, Myself and a little help from above

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I make prints and books, draw designs for merch and album covers; don't hesitate to contact me via my email

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