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I am an architect and conceptual artist passionate about design and music. Grateful to God for these talents.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

For these concept art, I wanted to think outside the box, and even more think outside of time.

The theme focuses on the fact that the greatest battle that human beings face is the battle of Faith in God, and with oneself. We must never lose hope. Does not matter the size of the battle, when God is with us.

Everything was sculpted, modeled, colored, and illuminated in 3D for these important event.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6: 10-20 NIV came to me, at a difficult time in my life, to get me ahead and get strong to live and fight. I try to interpred that titanic battle that tests our Faith.

-The high and steep mountainous road represents the difficult journey of life.
-The warrior pose is of preparation and security for combat in the presence of evil.
-The pennant & the Spirit Sword means the sacrifice we do, and taking the word of God where we are go.
-The shield bears the sacramental symbol of St. Benedict of Nursia for being one of the oldest signs of the origin of Christendom, and represents love and faith in Christ, protection against the evil one, and keeps temptations off the path.
-The sun is the company of GOD
-She wear all the God armature.
-She is ready to fight.

I accompany the work with this poem as a literary exercise that increases the reality of this concept art. I hope all enjoy it.

Ephesians 61020 A.D. /
The transhumance of faith.

Eons have passed over the earth.
We are the herald of faith in God and his divine word.
Crossing all continents,
expanding new horizons.
Putting our pennant at the highest point in history.
We set sail in the eternal and starry night,
cruising between the absolute silence of the cosmic ocean,
exploring the tempestuous and oscillating sea of ​​time.
We attracted by distant worlds:
majestic, inhospitable, and almost always hostile,
we descend to seek any hope can protect,
wearing only the God armor:
extending his merciful power
in each step we take on the universe.


I wish don't want to sound the same to others but thanks to GOD for the inspiration.

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This is a complete and entirely original work. Made in Blender with HD quality. One can obtain a legitimate copy for printing or publication through my contact page at

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