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Crisstopher Robyn A humbled artist who continues to wear his armor while following the path God has placed before him.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

This is a series of digital art after going through mental trauma. The series of events that occurred resulted in me writing numerous journals or any empty page I could find. When I found out a really close friend was being ordained and the life that he had followed could not feel even better. Even though my journey with God has taken me on my own path, this first photo was more than just a sign that God had good intentions for me. The second photo is a journal my mother gave me, along with different rosaries that some people that I hold dear to my broken heart. The third picture is one of those Writer's Block. The fourth is the push. We have to continue to follow what God is trying to show us. The final picture is the first poem that I have written in many a year.
Although some of these will not make any sense to you, there is a reason for that. We all have our path that God has placed before us. Sometimes we need to stop and listen. Sometimes we need to put on our armor and face the world and believe that what we do as humans is fight our fears and stand tall.

How it fits into contest

I feel like my work fits into the Spiritual Battle by the hardships I have encountered. I still wake in the morning, put in my armor, and continue to follow the path God has given me.


Christopher Thackston

He is I, and I am him.

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Original digital art on Canvas. 48x24. $360

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