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Octavio González Sánchez, Hello. Im a student for video game art and design, and a couple different visual art forms, living in Tlaxcala Mexico. I'm very happy to been able to work on this project. Hi to everybody at Engage Art. God bless.


Final Battle



Artist Statement

Final Battle against other version of the beast that comes out of the Sea. First a wire skeleton frame, foam filling, acrylic sealer. Top layer is regular plaster. Like to do a little bit of sculpting, painting, love to read the Bible scriptures that describe scenes as in Ephesians 6:10-20

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It's another version of the battle against a beast of the Apocalypse, one way to describe the darkness that is formed in these times, that covers us like an eclipse. Formed by Global Powers that Trust the All Seeing Eye. We need the Armour of God and the Word of God to survive this Spiritual End times Battle


Octavio Gonzalez Sanchez

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