Artist bio

I am a self taught artist. I enjoy using acrylic, ink, digital drawing and pencil. I am currently perfecting my interest in pointillism. I believe art is an extension of yourself. When creating i lose myself in thought or sometimes there is nothing, just peace, and a sense of calm overtakes my mind.


Never alone



Artist Statement

It is of a young man who is struggling through his life, he is feeling picked on, bullied at school because he doesn't have the latest technology and because he is different, an individual, someone who is unique. Because of this he is teased. He has a warrior, a guardian angel and the Lord Jesus Christ who always has his back, we just have to choose to do right. My inspiration comes from everyday life, things i see and feel.

How it fits into contest

By reading your scriptures daily, loving one another, giving service, praying, giving thanks for our blessings, making good choices, we wear God's armor, doing these small and simple things will help us to grow spiritually, we can gain a testimonial that God lives and we are never alone. We just need to listen to that still small voice.


Tammy Cossette

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