Russell Jang

Artist bio

Russell developed an interest in art in high school. He enjoys working with acrylics on canvas and drawing on paper. Outside of art, he appreciates being outdoors, skiing and hiking. Russell's paintings reflect on the beauty of nature and the places he visits.


Eye in the Sky



Artist Statement

Eye in the Sky is an acrylic painting on canvas. I captured a celestial phenomenon called an "eye in the sky". This rare display inspired me to translate the image on a canvas. It made me wonder if God is watching over us.

How it fits into contest

Eye in the Sky is an acrylic painting on canvas. It depicts the sun shining down on Earth; similar to how God watches over us. The rainbow reflection around the sun represent hope, promise, love and renewal he gives to his people. The trees stand tall like the frontline workers during the pandemic. This is God's armour shielding us.


The painting is made by Russell Jang.

How to Purchase this Artwork

"Eye in the Sky" is an original acrylic on canvas. $250.
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