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My name is Tonia Colleen. I am a writer and a narrative painter. Several years ago, I suffered a monumental upheaval in my life. Before that, I had exclusively been a freelance writer. God used art to heal me and augment my writing voice. Learning to paint happened during a study abroad in Paris with Sierra College. The gift of art came as a complete surprise. I couldn't believe the pictures that bubbled up from my soul. Most of my paintings begin with a figure. After rendering the central figure, I fill in the story with images of setting and plot. Now I work with others who God has called to look at their stories and find the intersecting themes in them. Lots of people are afraid of freedom. Writing stories helps them discover the origination of fears that have kept them trapped in orphan thinking. Prayer accompanies all my work. Though I have perspective for others, I am constantly preaching the gospel to myself to overcome the debilitating lies I’ve fought and continue to fight. I love this quote by Douglas Steere: “To listen another’s soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performed for another.”


Overcomes-Now and in the Future



Artist Statement

This watercolor painting is a portrait of women who have overcome the effects of the fall by putting on the whole armor b of God and fighting against the enemy's lies about their purpose, origin and status as God's children. No longer living as orphan's these women LISTEN and affirm the power of the Holy Spirit as they take back the stories of their lives and rewrite them with the particularities of God's plan for deliverance.

How it fits into contest

The following is a fuller disclosure of how these Overcomers joined the battle against evil in their lives first and then the lives of others.

Overcomers – Now and in the Future

Long after dystopian novels raged,
longer still after they became passé,
we learned The Eternal is not myth but

the essential
and believing only the present –
nothing beyond and nothing before,

is robbery.

We remembered when lies blew out the light and
the lives we lived partially blind, imprisoning all we held precious.
Gathering as friends, we saw in each other’s faces
remnants of what was too holy to murder
with forgetfulness.

We listened to the accounts of our internments –
one of us kicked in her own blood,
another wandered lost in the valley of the shadows,
another, wind-blown and tossed,
carried water for others
while bearing her own unquenched thirst.

Others of us witnessed demons.
Others, the blood-letting of fake love and
yet others, the disintegration of sound thinking.

Reunited by the beauty of faith, we watched
truth free us as we named where we fell,
how we were captured and
what happened in our imprisonment.

Freedom, we reminded ourselves, is not deed upon deed,
but a door through which we fell headlong once let go
and saw ourselves as God’s cathedrals.

And there we were and here we are,
bathed in tears, echoing with desire,
unashamed of longing and
free to trust contentment.

Having overcame, we
continue to overcome and
overcoming cannot pass
from us for we love the author
of our lives even unto death.


Tonia Colleen Martin

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work of art. Watercolor and ink. Black frame with a 3" white mat. 2,000.00 Contact: Tonia Colleen Martin,;

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