Still Waters

Artist bio

My name is Sheryl Wilson, I am a wife and mother and have been married 33 years to a wonderful man of God, About 10 years ago as our son grew and became more independent a challenge for him because he has Asperger's. I found myself looking to express God and grow myself in a new way, I thought if he saw Mom step out and have faith maybe one day he would begin to do the impossible, This I have complete faith that God is moving mountains. I began to climb a few mountains myself, ones that I was told amazed others. All I knew is I had to grow. So I started painting and writing and found myself gifted with my first art class at our community college and began sculpture. This was no small task as I had no education no Middle school or Highschool and I passed my last class with a 97.6 grade, But God and my husband directed me and helped me understand and its Jesus and my family I give the honor. I pray some day to do public sculptures and always ask our father to be head of the team. Sincerely Sheryl Wilson N/A





Artist Statement

This is a family, Mother, Father and child a trinity that God is the head of that flows through each by there actions. Love in action

How it fits into contest

As I prayed about the scripture, Jesus kept saying Family. We armor our self through Gods word and teaching and loving our family. Living a life based on the goodness of Gods teaching and being that person every were you go, Not just in church because we are the church. Love your neighbor as yourself! Our children are the future sword that carries God word into the next generation. That really kicks the Devil in the butt!
Because his Love is the only Love that heals .


Myself Sheryl Wilson

How to Purchase this Artwork

It is all original work created by myself.
Father 350.00
Mother 350.00
Baby in a blossom. 225.00

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