Artist bio

I am a mixed media, multi-disciplinary artist that uses various mediums such as photography, printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture to express my Christian worldview. I have been exploring the tradigital approach for more than 20 years blending the traditional hand marking processes with digital technology and have participated in over 100 exhibitions, internationally, nationally and regionally in solo, juried and invited exhibitions. I have been a practicing artist for more than 40 years. I recently was assigned a part-time position teaching basic photography at Redeemer University in Ancaster, Ontario. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto, Ontario) and the University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario).


Spiritual Warfare



Artist Statement

A digital photo based image created in 2020. This image is part of a collection of photo based images dealing with the spiritual reality between good and evil. An attempt to unmask the spiritual reality that exists all around us often unseen and unnoticed bringing invisibility into visible manifestation so that the viewer encounters another world shrouded in great mystery and experienced through faith and reason can begin to unwind the great truths found in the biblical stories of the Old and New Testaments. I am the actor (self-portrait) and the photographer and unnamed model.

How it fits into contest

The battle for souls held in the grip of the deceiver/accuser holds the captives in the deceit of lies and doubts casting a dark shadow over the minds of the deceived. The Glorious church wrapped in garments of righteousness stands firm in the light of Christ’s radiance, undergirded by the power of the cross protected by a veil of light able to stand and resist the accusations of the evil one. The church along with Christ, the great intercessor makes petitions to intercede against the wiles of Satan as it advances the mission to go into all the barren places of the world to bring the good news to the spiritually oppressed and set the captives free.


Self-portait/unnamed model

How to Purchase this Artwork

Limited edition (10) archival prints on Epson ultra premium photo paper with archival ultra chrome inks. Price $300.00 (Cdn dollars). Contact artist for Purchasing details via email:

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