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My work has always been around the horse and the woman. Surely looking to reflect the passion towards this noble animal and representing myself in one way or another. I'm Italian. I rescue horses. I paint what is born to me, what connect me, what I feel. I'm autodidactic. "Art is still a powerful connection to how we express our thoughts and ideas, being a protagonist and source of unpredictable imagination. It opens the door to other worlds, other ways of thinking or simply connects you with something of yours, in the most unexpected way". - Art Palm Beach 2020, with my artworks "I am my own warrior" and "Adira". - Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival 2020, with my artworks "Élan" and "Contemplación Mexicana". - Mexican Art Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, with the collection "Virago I" and "Virago II" and the artwork "Tutto é calmo", January 2020. - "Hand Painted Art Exhibition" at Sharjah Library Cultural Square from January 24th to Janyary 30th, 2020, curated by arquitect emirati Muna Aljeraishi. - "Arabian Settings" Solo exhibition in the Dunes of SAADI, October 2019 - UAE - Inauguration of the MUDIC in Matera, Italy. "Elysian" as part of the museum's private collection. - Figurative Art Exhibition, April 2019, Special Merit, Light Space Time Gallery for "Mexican Contemplation". - Featured as an promoted artist, April 2018. - Solo Art Exhibition at Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery as an award for the work "Yuanfen", April 2018. - All Women Art Competition 2013, with special recognition award with the painting titled "Tutto é Calmo". - Participations in YICCA Contest 2012, with the painting entitled "Con il Cuore in Pace", exhibited in its international catalog. - Exhibition in Pangea, Panama City. August, 2011.


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"Yet it was the time of the new humanity, to return to being brothers like the fingers of a hand. It was time to enter a clear process of evolution of consciousness. So much distance only to resume and take it to universal energy, to be with God, where nature and the human being are one thing, one in his force; where there is love and it is identified with our divine identity".

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God knew that as Christians, we face an intense spiritual warfare and we must be prepared. Paul talks about the armor of God, the tools he gives to his children so that we can overcome the attacks of the devil.

By dressing and wearing the armor effectively we can face all the traps of the evil one and we will be victorious.

In this painting I represent the woman waiting for her baby, dressed in her armor. The woman as the act of humility and trust that is given to the power and wisdom of the Lord. The one that carries hope and faith in its bosom with the promise of another day.
From Him comes our strength! This comes when we recognize that we depend on God, we look for Him in prayer, we read His Word and listen to His voice.


Paola Moscatelli

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Original. 2,000US$

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