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Christine Lee Smith is a photographic artist whose explorations reflect on identity formation and embodiment, and how both are shaped through early attachments and a maturing spirituality. Her photographs hold the tension of being and becoming and consider how we become ourselves. Her work invites conversation with the viewer about the conflicts of identity formation, particularly in relationship with the prescripted formulas offered in Western culture, and offers space to wonder about the presence of the Divine in all parts of that process. Christine completed her MA in Spiritual Formation & Soul Care at Biola University. She is also currently completing her MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University.


Fire Light



Artist Statement

The work, "Fire Light," is one of a series of photographs taken during the 2017 wildfires that ravaged the Southern California wilderness. This work in particular is highly representative of the work I create that supports my portraiture. It is a look into my soul that helps me formulate what other images I might create. This work is a responsive work to my internal and external state at the time. "Fire Light" was shot on 35mm 100 ISO Kodak Ektar film with a Leica M6 camera.

How it fits into contest

"Fire Light" relates to the passage in Ephesians 6:10-20 in the way that Paul reminds the people of Ephesus that this is a life-and-death battle. They they are in over their heads. And that God is with them, and has equipped them. For anyone who's lived through a wildfire like those experienced in 2017 throughout Southern California, where the fire moved past the traditional forrest line into the suburbs, it feels like a life-and-death battle. It feels insurmountable. And yet, the skies eventually part. Darkness passes as the flames burn out. And hope is restored. This image represents the both/and of that feeling experience, and is a reminder to viewers that even in the darkness of a difficult battle, all is not lost -- God is more present than ever.


Christine Lee Smith - Photographer
Pro Photo Connection - Film developing and negative scanning
Fullerton Digital Printing - Printing
Christine Lee Smith - Framing

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$625, original photographic print, framed.
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