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Hi, this is Soumya Ranjan Samal, a 20 year old visual artist from India. I am an ambitious person, because I feel that, life is worthless without a goal. That's why I am here, making road towards my goal. Now I am doing my degree in history of visual arts. I have own several state and national awards, also awarded by the central government of India in year 2018. I love creativity from my childhood and that creative madness, pushed me into the sea of art, and now I have reached here, and really feeling excited to be a part of this awesome art show . Hopping to inspire a few and learn a lot .





Artist Statement

Hii, respected jury members, consider my salutation. I am an Indian and belongs to Hindu religion. So at first I was really unknown about what is ephesians, what is spiritual warfare. But then I studied that proper section (Ephesians 6:10-20). Then I came to know that it's very similar to our hindu concept . After all we all are the daughters and sons of that one god, who is above all religions and cast systems.
'A child is like clay, we can create his/her personality or way of dealing with day to day things by providing proper manners and education. So we should inspire them to go through our sacred spiritual books, so that could decide what is wrong and what is right and they could raise their power against all wrongs. It will help them to see the reality of this world, and how negative energies influencing our innocent human world. So now the time has come to listen to God's words by braking the chain of slavery and to raise our voices against the negative powers. Believe me we can do it, because we all are the sons and daughters of the almighty God . The light coming behind the cross is representing, that night can be dark and terrible but it can't stop the sun to spread it's light of positivity '.
The above is the theme behind my work.

How it fits into contest

The topic of my painting is 'THE WAR FOR WELLNESS'. Generally war is not good for the human world, but this special war is actually for the wellness of mankind, because God, his sacred words and his weapons are with us ,in this war.
It's very necessary to introduce our spiritual books (or the words of god),to our children. Because this will help them to see the reality of this world and will teach to raise their voices against the negative powers. These sacred books will help us to brake the chain of slavery. So that one day they will end the existence of negative demons by the weapons of God. My artwork depicts the same. I have shown a child is reading the holy book, which is teaching him about the reality of this world, and two hands at two sides, represents to break the chain of slavery. Above these , I have shown the spiritual battle, in which the warrior is attacking the negative soul, and almighty lord Jesus is helping him in the form of brave lion . The top part of the painting represents a bright positive shine coming out of the sacred cross. Which symbolizes the darkness of negativity can never defeat the brightness of positivity, and we will definitely prove this one day . So in short my painting represents to the spiritual warfare.


Artist Bismay Ranjan Nayak

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