N. H.

Artist bio

I am a born again christian. I love art and specially painting. But I am a kind of amateur in this field. Unfortunately, I had no chance to follow it for living. This is my first time to attend a contest. My goal is using my gift to give glory to God.


Armour of God,



Artist Statement

In this piece of work, I am inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20. In combination with painting and calligraphy. of course, I am an amateur but I tried to show the cross. on the top of the cross, there are repetitive words in Persian which mean shalom on the horizontal ax of the cross the words are salvation. on the center Jesus and the Holy Spirit on the vertical ax of the cross down part the words are the word of God which became like sword and blood. I used red color as a symbol of Blood and Blue as a symbol of Shalom which is Jesus Christ.

How it fits into contest

I think as the bible says our enemies are not flesh and blood. and I tried to use the meaning behind these bible verses in my painting.
Jesus is the word. Spirit of God. The word and salvation. I put a cross on the center of all these elements.


All who helped to come so far.

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I don't think anybody buys this. I can just give it as a free gift except sending cost.

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I like to work on this method and visualize the beauty of the word of God.

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