Artist bio

At the young age of 84, Orville Miller has rediscovered his love for painting... Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Orville worked with many leading Advertising Agencies and The Jamaica Gleaner Company as Art Director before starting his own business in graphic arts. He is the grandson, nephew and son of some of Jamaica's famous sculptors, namely David Miller Snr and Jnr and Allon Miller respectively, whose work can be seen at the National Gallery of Jamaica. After taking a hiatus from painting to take care of his ailing wife, Orville has once again turned to his love of painting to continue to provide the world with beautiful art. When he isn't painting Orville enjoys spending time with his daughter, son-in-law and grandkids, doing country runs and flying RC airplanes.


Good over evil



Artist Statement

Acrylic paint on canvas

How it fits into contest

The serpent represents the evil which is plaguing someone's thoughts and actions. The sword symbolizes the fight that takes place in the mind and soul when battling this evil. The shield is the protection given by God, showing that through prayer (praying hands) and faith the battle will be won and victory through peace, (the dove) will be achieved.


Orville Miller - concept and artwork

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