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An overcomer herself, Nathalie creates art that breathes life, light and hope into the world. She loves life, people and God, which in turn is reflected in her art that captures the emotion of her characters, allowing us to a window into their personality, their uniqueness, and diversity.​​


Human and Divine



Artist Statement

Every layer of this painting is imprinted with meaning. First covered in red and orange, then dripping darkness with a white wash represent the pain of an entire race. The figure was first painted as a skeleton, then covered with muscle, then skin. Rips in the chest and throat area represent cleaving pain, but also reveal underlying humanity, pointing to our shared humanness. The lips are closed, the black around the throat was scratched to reveal a cry unutterable, long unheard. The black eyes convey despair.

Per contra, the gold represents God, the Comforter descending. Reflections of the gold cover the figure's head representing implicit worth imparted by God upon the divine image bearer. Finally, gold reaches the figure's heart to depict penetrating healing.

How it fits into contest

Torn and often unheard, the despair felt by the black community shows the dark, yet tangible side of spiritual battle and humanness. Identity and implicit worth is imparted by God upon the divine image bearer. The Comforter Himself is the only one who can bring true hope and healing in such a dire battle.


I am the painter. The shapes, forms and light were based on a study and modification of various photographs.

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The original, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches, is for sale.

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