Artist bio

Claire Lawrence is a storyteller and visual artist living in British Columbia, Canada. She has been published in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and India. Her work has been performed on BBC radio. Claire’s stories have appeared in numerous publications including: Geist, Litro, Ravensperch, Brilliant Flash Fiction. She has a number of prize winning stories, and was nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. Claire’s artwork has appeared in many magazines. Recently, her work was accepted for Engage Art’s curated collection: an art education tool.


Virtual Battle


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

"Virtual Battle" is a mixed media work of acrylic, pencil, alcohol ink and paper. I wanted to depict a solitary person scrolling, lost in the dark, until their eyes are filled with light, with the Word. The Spiritual Battle is a daily and personal.

How it fits into contest

"Virtual Battle" is a commentary on the cell phone. People consume data, post selfies, and spend hours drifting aimlessly in virtual space. I began to ask myself, what does this data offer them? What have they gained or sacrificed in that void? Now more than ever, people are exposed and fall into the dark web of vices. It's time to use the cellphone as the sword of spirit; the text--a helmet of salvation; and let the Word be a shield of faith. The Spiritual Battle will be written in code, but it is the Word which will arm and fill our souls.


Claire Lawrence is the sole creator of this artwork.

How to Purchase this Artwork

"Virtual Battle" is original and unpublished. 9 inch x 12 inch on Yupo paper. $275 unmounted.

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