Erica Louche

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My name is Erica. I'm an artist. I went to school at the Academy of Art University. I have done some projects on Upwork.


Puzzle Piece Depth


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This piece is about how we like to present ourselves as being all together. When in fact sometimes we have broken pieces in our heart, that's why I created the pieces with sharp edges. The sharp edges symbolizes the pain we feel from past hurts. The shadow is suppose to symbolize the depth of the issues we are dealing with. The white is background is suppose to symbolize how we all come into the world as blank canvases. The white also symbolizes birth and the black symbolizes death. The birth and death are cycles in life. The letters are in an imaginary box because we as humans put ourselves into boxes.

How it fits into contest

We are in a battle with ourselves. Our thoughts can sometimes be the enemy. When we have the word in our hearts we redirect our attention back onto God. That is what life is about always redirecting our attention onto God. That is how we put on his Armor. Put the word first.


I like to thank me parents for sending me to the Academy of Art University and for purchasing my computer.

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